Classic Star Island Sunset

STAR Softball field

The Isles Of ShoalsSTAR ISLAND is one of 7 small islands (the Isles Of Shoals - see picture) about 10 miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It has an old, wooden hotel (The Oceanic) and several cottages that house up to 260 people for week-long conferences in the summer months. It is owned by the Star Island Corporation and the different weeks have themes that range from Star IslandReligion to Art to Science to Families. The workers are mostly college-age kids who work and live there all summer long. They are known as Pelicans and are a tight-knit group who work for next-to-nothing and the pleasure of being on Star all summer long. Star Island is akin to a camp for all ages and is affectionately known as "Our Spirit Home".  For a complete primer on Star Island, visit the OFFICIAL Star Island website (or other sites).

...and, if you ask Al Doolittle real nicely, you can see a spectacular view of Jupiter and it's moons through his home-made telescope. Sometimes I feel that the sky above Star Island belongs solely to Al.